mac mini as htpc

So after a week of playing with my new mac mini as my hometheater pc, i am mostly happy. I’ve configured it to grab downloaded AVIs (via bittorrent) off my windows file server — the mac connected pretty easily to windows, in some ways it is easier than connecting two xp machines. Per this guide, i installed vlc to play the downloaded avis — works great. (Wow I had forgotten how easy it is to install apps on the mac).

Still looking for two things to complete the experience:

* a great 10 foot ui for playing avis and dvds. Myth is overkill, i don’t want all the pvr functionality, i just want the 10 foot UI.
* a wireless remote. I have the bluetooth kb and mouse but I want a remote. Maybe this griffin airclick tho it doesn’t seem to be shipping yet?

So just a few more pieces and it will be perfect. And for once the mac is the price leader — compare with windows-based systems that people are building. And of course the mac is the style leader — compare with this ugly brute.