Latest adventures with my sharp aquos

Finally feeling good enough to start tinkering again, and to blog about it.

I’m continuing my odyssey to attach every piece of technology I can to my sharp aquous beast of a tv. My Mac Mini arrived last week and I have it hooked up now to the DVI port. Looks great. The gotchas: Apple saves money by shipping the mini with no cables, so you have to go buy a DVI cable ($70 at least) and a stereo mini-jack cable (Aside — why does Apple even bother putting a speaker in the mac mini???). 2nd gotcha — the sharp defaults to an analog video signal from the pc, and you have to go wade thru the menus to force it to look for a digital signal — seems like this could be auto-detected. The mini makes a great hometheater pc — small, quiet, a fine dvd player. And I have bittorrent running on it to fill up the hard disk with tv content.

For additional fun I plugged a kingston pcmcia hard drive into the pcmcia port on aquous. What a bizarre feature. I can play slide shows and videos off the pccard. Oh and I can take snapshots and video captures of the current signal, as long as it is from a crappy analog input — analog coax, analog s-video. the tv won’t capture the signal from a digital input or from the component inputs, probably to make the mpaa et al happy. So basically it is a really funky and limited DVR. Just goes to show again how much trouble Tivo is in — it is trivial to slam DVR software into any box now, and storage is cheap.

I still have to fill up the hdmi and 1394 inputs…