Ignition blog round up 2/14

I’m way behind and so missed a lot of good stuff. But a few things I noticed on Ignition blogs (or blog posts about Ignition or its portfolio)…

* Rich is tracking the emerging voip wars, and the most recent skype device announcement — wow, isn’t this device the kind of thing that HP should have made back in the “HP Way” days?
* The Jobster team has gone live with a company blog.
* A post I’ve been hanging onto for a while, Martin points to a blog all about the best of 2004 and wonders how to make a business out of. Does seem like a natural starting point for a nice little ecommerce business.
* Martin also continues his biodiesel adventure
* One of the folks at Ignition has some Ethiopian family members — here is a cool post on the Ethopic number system, I had no idea.
* Some criticism of Melodeo’s service — not sure I totally agree with, I think the Melodeo offering is a reasonable tradeoff of convenience and fairness, but I understand the point.
* Rich’s pc hardware investigations — iscsi at home and Does SLI matter (yes!). Crap, not only do I not have a water-cooled PC, now I also don’t have iSCSI or an SLI config. I am a loser.
* Martin likes these web radio stations. I’ve never really understood the attraction, I am an ipod and in-car music listener. But I should try.
* Nice press for network magic (disclosure — I’m on the board).
* Fred points to Martin’s posts on tag systems. I am not a believer in tag systems. I think humans just want to do free text searches — let the computers figure out how to parse and tag content. But certainly a lot of heat around tags right now.