What's in my gearbag

Motivated to post this by someone who saw my gear bag and asked where to get one. I carry a bag from Duluth Trading — designed for tools but I use for carrying around all my gear. (I use them for tools too — one for pneumatic, one for electric, one for electronics, etc).

In the bag or on my person I carry:
* Blackberry 7210 with ATTWS service. I’m not going to move to one of the 7100s, I like the full keyboard
* iPod Photo. The photo functionality is lame but at least I have a backup of all my photos now.
* Etymotics Er6 earphones. Love these. Theyv’e been very durable.
* JVC subnotebook. The best subnotebook I could find when I looked months ago. There may be better choices now. I like a subnotebook because I can easily carry it anywhere. And I am not trying to replace a desktop.
* This great connector kit that rich got me.
* Blackberry and iPod wallwarts tho I think I can consolidate here
* Casio Exilim camera. An older model but may upgrade in the next year or so.
* Usually 3-4 books. Right now i have “Democracy in America”:amazon, “The Fermata”:amazon, and “A Coffin for Demetrios”:amazon
* Business papers
* A couple empty notebooks and pens