Telephony Roundup 1/24

I’ve yet to move my house over to a full voip install but still collecting lots of interesting links:

* Pulver launches Bellster — now driving termination costs for calls to 0. Do I really want people calling out on my analog lines tho?
* Prototype phone with zigbee integration — one attempt at dragging the physical systems of the home into the digital age.
* Skype answering machine. I doubt that most people will want to run their answering machine on their pc. The voip answering machine service must emulate the features/availibility of existing answering machines or telco-based answering services — in both cases, easy access from a handset or multiple handsets in the house.
* Rich reminds me that I don’t just want SIP phones in the house, i need PBX functionality so that extensions work like they should — ie all ring at once on an incoming call.
* Todd Duffin is way ahead of me, he has done a lot. He’s had good experiences with the Sipura SPA-2000, an SER server, and asterisk for pbx/vm. Lot i have to learn here.