Software Roundup 1/6/05

Software I’ve tried recently:

* GamesKnoppix. Yawn. Buggy and mostly in german. Games aren’t anything to write home about.
* Acrobat Reader 7.0. Recommended. Loads much faster than prior versions.
* MT 3.14. I don’t really notice much but it was an easy upgrade.
* Tag&Rename 3.2Beta. Yawn. Complicated and wasn’t very good at figuring out tags for my mystery tracks (mostly classical cds or low volume compilations)
* A9 toolbar for firefox. Works fine but I just can’t get in the a9 mood.
* MS antispyware beta. Recommended — found a couple problems on my machine that others hadn’t, and has free signature updates.
* Tweaks to speed up firefox. Despite the caveats, they worked for me.
* Spell check for firefox. I’m usually ok on spelling but a nice tool to have.
* True Launch Bar. Nice that it is a transparent upgrade to the quicklaunch bar. But a little overpowering.

Software I’d like to try:

* Great smallware list. I love these little utilities.
* 46 best freeware utilities. Another good list.
* Sokkit — solves a need for me, easy install/config of AMP on windows.

Intriguing readings on software:

* Public ontologies. I don’t think end users will ever put keywords/classifications on all their output — but I do think a shared public ontology that can advise free text searching is pretty useful. When I search for “theatrical lighting control”, i’d love it if the search engines could benefit from the collective wisdom of the net and realize that “dmx” and “dmx-512” might be useful synonyms for my search, for instance.
* Bayesian tutorial and code. Cool.
* p2p in 15 lines of code. Unstoppable.
* One man’s advice on how to better secure your system.