Sharp lc-37gd4u Aquos LCD TV — first impressions

Just got one of these, in the course of a remodel. What a beast!

One astounding part of this beast is the i/o ports available.

Input: analog coax a, analog coax b, hdmi, dvi + stereo audio, component input 1 + stereo audio, component input 2 + stereo audio, s-video + stereo audio, center channel audio input, 2 I.Link (1394) terminals, digital coax in, a cablecard slot, and a regular pcmcia slot for content on pcmcia storage cards (or any format card or drive with a pcmcia adapter). Oh and an rs-232 control port, and power.

Output: s-video+stereo audio monitor, digital audio, analog coax, stereo speaker terminals, headphone jack, a dc output jack for unspecified future expansion.

I admit I have a perverse desire to hook something to every input and output just to see if the tv melts. The power consumption from a fully provisioned system must be immense.

More realistically I am going to try to get a cablecard out of comcast. I am going to see just what the pcmcia port can handle. And the dvi port is just screaming for a mac mini.