Recent Books

* “The Fermata”:amazon by Nicholson Baker. Reardon recommended this book to me, and I am worried for his soul. Very artfully crafted, very engaging, a nice moral redemption of sorts for the main character. And some interesting early discussion on moral relativity that isn’t ever really fully explored. But…all wrapped up in a story that is so smutty and demeaning that it sinks the book. Maybe that is just my midwestern upbringing. All I know is that I’m embarrassed to have the book on my shelves. I’m not sad I read it, but I won’t pick up another book by Baker.
* “A Coffin for Dmitrios”:amazon by Eric Ambler. What a fine fine tale. My first ambler, a great story of crime and human nature. I find it far more approachable than le carre, and far deeper than the popular crime and suspense novels of today.
* “Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, Second Edition”:amazon by Briggs et al. A fine reference. A little dated re browser details. Nothing probably to separate this from any other CSS reference, I just needed something reasonable.