Net innovations I should/would like to learn more about

From the last month or so:

* Mozilla calendar. Calendaring is what keeps our business tied to exchange, sure would like to look at some alternatives. Webdav required here, I have always found webdav to be impossible to set up correctly.
* Johnza finds the latest from 37signals — tada lists. I’m a dedicated user of my blackberry todo list, I’d need this to sync with blackberry
* Tutorial on writing firefox extensions. Looks like a pretty low learning curve, no wonder there are so many.
* 43 things, the latest craze. I created a short list. I don’t really want to spew my personal content all over the web tho, i want these guys to aggregate my list from my own blog.
* the no-follow tag. here’s hoping that mt does a rev that just slams all the right html all over my blog, i don’t want to go fix all this myself.
* Microsoft shuts down passport service. Classic example of trying to force a platform down people’s throats, instead of just creating something of great utility. A very predictable end. Platforms become platforms because they are popular, not because anyone says they are a platform.
* Slashdot on bandwidth enabling 3rd party servicing of pcs in the home and business. I totally believe in this. Pure networks is on the path to this, it is one of the primary reasons we are betting on this space.