Need to meet a good audio/theatrical engineer

I need to meet a good audio engineer with practical theatre experience, I am willing to treat you to a great lunch or dinner to start.

I have some ambitious goals this year for my halloween haunt sound systems. This past year I had 7 separate stereo tracks running — 4 looping from cd players, 2 from a pc synched with some effects, and 1 pair of speaks driven by a handheld mic and voice modification box.

This year I’d like to yoke them all together into a single soundsystem, driven by a single pc/mix source, and then I’d like to be able to switch dynamically between several configs:

– all speakers playing a single surround track. So I can have ghosts or other invisible things moving thru the courtyard
– speakers broken into pairs playing stereo tracks — so i can play the loops as i do today
– any speaker pair carrying the wireless mic track — so my voice can move from the tree to the coffin to the graveyard

I don’t want to spend a billion dollars on this of course. Ideally I could put a couple cheap sound cards with 7.1 or 9.1 support in a pc, drive them both from some pc program, and have a remote control (or a remote control program running on a pocketpc or some other device) that would let me switch configs around on the fly.

I need a basic education on what is really possible — what software exists today to dynamically control a large speaker setup, what devices i need to learn more about, etc. I’ve started to grovel thru mags and internet sites and I can probably figure this out myself eventually but the right conversation with the right person would save me a lot of trouble…