Impressions of Duluth

Landed in Duluth at 9pm Saturday. Temperature on the ground: -20 degrees F. Airport has one ticket counter, a handful of gates, and a luggage carousel the size of a small bedroom.

Hey, everyone here sounds like Frances McDormand in Fargo.

Checked in to the brand new Country Inn near the airport. Very pleasant, brand new. A million kids in the hotel — hockey teams in town for a tournament. All running thru the halls in swimsuits to the indoor heated pool and slide — who knew I should bring a swimsuit to Duluth in January?

Watching the local NBC affiliate news was an education all by itself about northern Minnesota. The news anchor and the weatherman both looked to be about 24 — they are the backup team at the station — I guess if you are a new journalism grad, Duluth is the kind of market you can start in. The weather report was all about “how many consecutive hours will the temperature stay below zero”. Record is 160+ as I recall. We’re at 60+ now, the weatherman doesn’t think we’ll break the record.

Sports report — Div III college hockey, Div II college hockey, Div I college hockey, high school hockey, minor league hockey. Oh yeah at the end he mentioned the NFL playoff results.

Down to 24 below overnight. The building popped and cracked all night long — a constant battle between freezing weather and our room heater. And not a gentle popping and cracking — more like the last 30 seconds of a bag of microwave popcorn, all night long.