Halloween '05 planning

So doing early Halloween ’05 planning. I’ve talked about my ideas to substantially update my sound system, and in talking to my local theatrical supply house, PNTA, I’ve been pointed to SFX from Stageresearch as potentially the right control package for my audio needs. I’ll be digging into this month.

Other random halloween things that have caught my eye:

* Assuming i go to a centralized sound console like above, i’ll want a wireless remote for it. So i can change up the sounds from anywhere in the yard. Need to understand these wireless mixer controls better.
* Shapelock moldable plastic seems like to could be great for making a lot of props, gravestone elements, etc.
* I used some of these zwave controllers this past year. way more robust than x10. A little goofy to program.
* Want to try some mat switches this year too.