Books this week

“Sweet and Vicious”:amazon by David Schickler.
An entertaining yarn. Reminds me of “Pulp Fiction” with an injection of Forrest Gump sweetness. Reads very much as if it wants to be a movie or was written as a screenplay — and the author gives thanks to his film agent among others, certainly suggests an eye towards a film.

“Ammonite”:amazon by Nicola Griffith. A lot of common modern science fiction themes here — all female society, a symbiotic organism/virus that sinks into humanity and creates an enhanced species, gaia, first recontact with a lost colony — all put together in a compelling story, a nice effort. I picked up at a Border’s on the big island that had a huge selection of less popular but critically acclaimed science fiction from female authors. Must be an interesting buyer at this store — certainly a more distinctive collection than at your normal bookstore.