Those Comedians at FedEx

So a gift for Christmas was sent by FedEx Ground to my work address on December 17. It arrived at the local FedEx distribution center in Auburn and was put on a truck on December 23 for delivery. However, it was not delivered, and on the tracking website over the weekend a posting was made that said that FedEx was waiting for an address correction from the recipient, me. FedEx did not call the sender, did not call me, did not leave a notice at my workplace, they just put this notice up.

Well actually that is not all they did. They also sent a postcard via US Mail to the apparently incorrect address asking for an address correction. Said postcard arrived today.

I have no idea how FedEx holds this idea in their head. Either the address is correct and they can deliver the package, or it is incorrect and sending a postcard is not going to help. As it turns out the street address was fine but the zipcode was off in the last digit — not a problem for the USPS but apparently something that brings FedEx to a crashing halt. Not a problem for UPS either since they do address verication at time of shipping (or at least they do everytime I ship).

I’ll use UPS and USPS, thanks.