The Fall of Troy Smith

The Dispatch has the full story today (paid sub required) on the booster who gave Troy money and other benefits, resulting in Troy’s suspension. Pretty ugly picture of this booster, Robert Baker of Springfield.

So as a result of the actions of this booster: Troy is suspended; everyone else on the team and the coaching staff is directly affected due to the loss of Troy; and nothing happens officially to the booster (though he has departed from his company, sounds like there may be more general ethics problems with this guy). Gee this seems like justice.

As I’ve said before, college football is broken until more of the money generated by the sport starts going directly to the players. With the millions of dollars floating around a big program like Ohio State, it is just wrong not to give some of that largesse to the players who are directly responsible for generating the cash, it is wrong for adults associated with the program to make big salaries when players make nothing, and it is impossible to prevent 18- and 19-year-olds (who are cash-poor) from being swayed by a couple hundred or couple thousand dollars.