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So, with Yahoo’s inevitable announcement of Yahoo desktop search — just how many freakin’ indexers are we all going to have to run on our machines? I am going to need a multicore proc and dedicate one of the cores to running the google indexer, the yahoo indexer, the lookout/msn indexer, the winxp indexing service. and then of course all the media player and photo indexers that come built into all these apps.

Longhorn was purportedly going to solve this but now winfs may not even be in the release after longhorn, at least that is how I read this article.

So the market for fs value-add utilities will be strong for the rest of the decade — not just indexers, but replicators and synchers like unison, software raid and other lower level solutions, etc. We all have way too much free disk space at our disposal, software will spring up to use it for reliability, performance, ease of use.