Recent software trials

* Via lockergnome, XrayPC — another useful tool for isolating spyware and other malware. Also note this review of spyware fighters. You probably should be running a couple tools on all your machines. The free tool as part of the yahoo toolbar is a great value.
* Drivesitter. I’m not sure why but I love these tools that watch your harddisk and attempt to predict failures. I have backups of everything important and so a HD failure is not catastrophic for me but it is a time waster and I’d like to know if a failure is imminent.
* MT Posting plugin for Newsgator. Promises to combine two of my favorite pieces of software — alas it doesn’t work for me yet due to my security config, I’m in contact with Newsgator support.
* Mike points in here to PDF speedup — man everyone needs to run this, the adobe reader is jammed so full of crap that most of us don’t need.
* Now that I have finished Halflife 2 missions (though am still vastly entertained by the online deathmatch — gravity guns rule!), here’s a whole trove of free games
* Chris points to a bunch of nice editors, one of these will probably find its way onto my machines.
* PortQueryUI from MSFT. Haven’t had time to play with this yet but will soon.
* Another from MSFT — a tool to see if have a good MPEG decoder. Why does the Windows Media Player make your codec config such a mystery? It is hard to tell what you have installed, unless you grovel the registry.

Lastly a nice post from LarryO about hiding complexity. This sure feels like the reason a lot of software goes wrong…