Online retailers — holiday experience so far

Martin’s been doing a lot of posting on his experiences with online retailers this season. Thought I’d share mine:

* Best. Amazon, Cyberguys, REI, Red Envelope, Duluth Trading. None of these sites are price leaders but they accurately report what they have in stock and what you can really get. I hate sites that promise stock they don’t have. They all report status well on orders and let you know tracking numbers, etc. Red Envelope does a really nice job of reporting when a gift has been delivered to a recipient. Amazon has had some site flakiness the last couple of weeks but still has been good. Oh yes, Shutterfly should be in this list too, they have consistently gotten us our pictures in timely fashion — I can’t imagined wasting time printing pics myself.
* Good. Newegg, Organize-Everything, Mountainmiser. Sites a little harder to navigate than the best, and online stock reporting not as accurate, but good communication and we were able to work things out.
* So-so. Abesofmaine is a price leader, but their online inventory info is a sham — they claim to have everything but in fact…so they did call me and we were able to work out an order, and it showed up, but I don’t feel great about the experience.
* Danger Danger. Computerstufffree on ebay — will I ever see my product? Purchased weeks ago and no communication about shipping status, transaction status. I’m nervous…
* Incomplete. Colorado Kayak, watchclick. Transactions pending…