Imperial Hubris

I picked this up based on Rich‘s reco. So the first 90% of Imperial Hubris just pissed me off, I thought the author was just being an apologist for Osama, explaining again and again the rationale for his actions and the support he enjoys.

But the close of the books was great. Two messages. One, we are at war, let’s quit pussyfooting around, let’s apply the full weight of our force on a focused effort to win. Two, let’s at least have a discussion about the policies that have forced us into war — our energy policies, our support for autocratic regimes, our unflagging support for Israel. Maybe these are the right policies, maybe not, but let’s at least have a discussion and agree that they are worth a war.

I feel a little shamed that I am not sacrificing much personally in this war. Here’s a pointer again to a great post about how we can support the troops.