Ignition blog round up 12/3

* Nice story via Gizmodo on one of our investments, MobileLime
* Rendition Networks acquired by Opsware, congrats!
* Andy Sack points to a sarcastic NYTimes piece by friedman — as always a fun read.
* Adrian found a nice roundup of wifobs and an incredibly valuable nokia headset adapter.
* Johnza has a nice post on how to switch customers away from a competitor. Great lessons in here. Also a good post on PR around funding events. Across both these posts, I draw a great lesson — clear focus on your exact goal can always pay off. But you have to know your goal and you have to focus.
* Rich as always has a cornucopia of tech posts — Yahoo Toolbar (I agree, you have to get this for the spyware tool), RockXP for PID recovery, a good set of podcasting links, his recos on must have software, the beginnings of his quest to build a htpc. how does the guy have time for a life and job?