Holiday Giving 2004

This holiday season, we particularly wanted to help out the families of servicemen and servicewomen who have made or are making significant sacrifices for all of us. We gave to three organizations:

* Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund — “The Fund provides unrestricted grants to the families of military personnel who have given their lives in the current operations in defense of our country. The gifts, $10,000 to each dependent family and an additional $5,000 per child, are intended to help these families through any immediate or long-term financial difficulties they may face.”
* Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund — “On May 18, 2004, a small group of concerned Marine Corps spouses founded the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund to provide financial grants and other assistance to the Marines, sailors, and families of those injured serving our nation.”
* Army Emergency Relief — “AER funds are made available to commanders having AER Sections to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers – active & retired – and their dependents when there is a valid need.”

Thanks again to Winds of Change for maintaining this great list of pointers for ways to help the troops.