Another way to listen to MP3s in the car

I got one of these power/fm transmitter thingies for christmas, and plugged a thumbdrive into it with a bunch of directories of mp3s. It is a very nice little solution, the sound quality actually seems better than my ipod/itrip combo. A couple of reflections:

* Man I wish there was a “bring your own storage” ipod. I’d love to be able to plug arbitrary storage into my ipod headend for a couple reasons — one the ability to upgrade my storage as i see fit (at much better prices than apple supports), two the ability to sync using normal file tools — the syncing in itunes is the worst part of the experience — slow and gets confused at times.
* this seems like a better podcasting solution than an ipod. I don’t plug my ipod into my pc every night, i sync it infrequently (probably because syncing is such a pain). I could easily stick my thumbdrive into the pc every night tho, especially if i could then use regular file utilities to create my syncing solution.