Utilities roundup

Since I can’t play Halo2 today, trying out other software:

* from Gadgetopia I found Editplus. Love the integrated FTP support.
* Firefox 1.0 releaseirresponsibly upgrading all machines now…
* Furrygoat points to the MSFT error code lookup tool — as he says despite the title this tool works for all windows error codes.
* Marc points to a new version of Clipmate. Ok I didn’t really try this one, just posted here because it reminded me of WFW and the mods we did to the clipboard to support network sharing of clipboard items — boy was that a waste of time.
* Turborisk — a free classic. OK the opponents are braindead but it is free.
* Photostory 3. Free. Haven’t tried yet but intend to…
* Udell talks about MSH — this looks pretty cool. I waded thru the beta signup process and have my key so I can try later today.

And I’ll close on a good general point raised at Microsoft MonitorThere is no reason why back-up capabilities shouldn’t be built into digital content software, even if consumers don’t immediately use the function.