iPod photo first impressions — not great

I have to say I am not very happy so far.

I am using the iPod with a windows laptop that has no cd drive. So first i downloaded iTunes 4.7 and installed (well, updated the version of iTunes that was on the machine).

then I attached the photo iPod. oops, doesn’t work, i also need to download the iPod updater, install, and reboot.

Reattach the iPod. It is auto updated. Then I need to detach it and plug it into the wall so it completes the reflash.

Reattach again. All my songs and photos are on a network drive and iTunes claims they are not available. Well they are. Looked all over iTunes for an option to force it to recheck availability. Never found anything, finally selected all of my tracks and told itunes to play them. after a looooong time, itunes finally decided all the songs were available.

detach and reattach the ipod photo. songs updated automatically. now i grovel thru the options dialogs to point it at my photos. looonnng time synching as it downconverts all my photos.

ok i don’t really want downconverted photos, i want the ipod to be a backup of all my photos. click the option to bring over full copies and resync.

ok finally i am ready. i hook the ipod photo up to my tv thru an aux port and try a photo slideshow. hmmm, the photos show up on the ipod photo, but on the tv i only see the first photo, it never changes.

sigh. will try again later today.

UPDATE: The iPod support site has a relevant discussion which seems to have made my slideshows work. So I am happier, the iPod is fully functional now. Still a total pain to set up tho.