Interesting readings about the nature of internet applications

All over the map here. Probably some pithy summary to write about how apps and data of the future should be partitioned and hosted.

* Adam Bosworth’s Weblog: Evolution in Action: The user interface customized itself to the users needs, location, and data in a dynamic way through the magic of dynamic page layout. Today, a full ten years later, most windows apps still don’t do that. But heck they are only 2 or 3 or 4 generations evolved. Services, in the last decade, may have evolved 600 times by now all in reaction to what they have learned directly from customer use. A pithy observation.
* From, Amazon’s Simple Queue Service. Interesting that AMZN would offer such a general purpose service.
* Jon Udell on the myth of the one true device. Very wise. People don’t really need or want convergence of devices — they do want convergence of data.
* The twilight of Passport. Some people never thought MSFT should offer a general service for the web, some people thought Passport should just make it easy to have a single login for all MSFT sites — which is where it seems things are ending up.
* Jon Udell under gmail’s hood.
* I haven’t really dug into the newsgator online feature allowing ratings on your site but it seems like a great notion. I love the idea of spewing ratings around (for articles, restaurants, books, etc) and then letting someone aggregate them, rather than having to post my rating and content to someone else’s site.
* From again, a web-based slide show system. Hmm. How long til people can give up powerpoint and go to a server model?
* Beinsync — one of the N services that lets you keep folders in sync across the net.