I need a meta-guide for TV

Look at my choices for TV watching:

* Akimbo service now available for MCE boxes, and Akimbo itself aggregates a lot of content.
* How to stick rss and bittorrent together. Great tutorial to how to bind these together to find the content you want
* An example use of bittorrent to find very targetted content of interest
* Then I have the DVR/service choice — a comparison chart of many of the options; a claim that people are moving from tivo to comcast/msft. God forbid you have multiple pvr/service variants in your house (as I do), figuring out where Fox Sports Northwest is on any given box is hard.
* Then of course there is game content. Xbox and xbox live; pc games on win mce with all their live components; and for extra fun phil has pointed me towards the mameox emulator for the xbox.
* And finally DVDs and ripped DVDs.

How do I find what I want to watch or do at any given time? I am tired to hell of learning all the different program guides, search interfaces, etc. And it seems like the complexity is only going to grow for people as video downloads over IP (ala bittorrent) become easier and easier to do.

No answers here, just whining.