Halloween Weekend 2004

Great weather! Near full moon, clear and crisp, no rain, very little wind. Perfect for fog creation and fog persistence…

Had our first visitors saturday nite — friends. Plus a lot of drivebys that evening.

Sunday the traffic started early — 4pm — some friends, and parents bringing children who were too scared to come at night.

Crush started at 6. Last visitors at 9:20. We had a shopping cart and a half of candy, and had to start rationing at 8:00. We ended up with just a dozen pieces of candy left.

Lots of ?scream? masks. Lots of teenagers with the slightest attempts at costumes. Princesses, witches. Martial arts.

Best props — fog as always, kids love fog. My demented disfigured monk costume, a lot of people thought I was a prop. Lots of tombstones and skeletons. Our haunted talking tree — popular with all ages.

Bugs: Pneumatics good but finicky. Need to invest a lot more in the offseason on testing and construction of pneumatics. Audio — sound quality great but inflexible — discrete sound sources hardwired via speakerwire to outdoor speakers. Really need a virtual soundboard and retargetable delivery over ip, but weather and power present issues.

Pix later this week.