Halloween 2004 Pictures

OK I’ve finally got some pictures to post for Halloween. I took all of these with a Sony DSC-F828 using the nightshot feature — IR illumination. Hence the odd coloration but I think it captures better the mood of the evening. Clickthru for bigger images.

|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/01thumb.jpg! | Skeleton at the front gate welcoming our visitors. I pick up skeletons online from places like Boneyard Bargains, and then place red leds in the eye sockets with a 9V battery and power circuit in the skull. Fresh batteries last a week or more depending on the weather (lots of wet, freezing weather doesn’t seem to help)|
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/02thumb.jpg! | Our house from street. The lightning strike is spot with focus with a lightning pattern gobo — we reuse at Christmas with a snowflake pattern.|
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/03thumb.jpg! | Tombstones in the front yard. We put blue gels on our landscape uplights to get the creepy blue lighting. Whole yard fog is provided by our heavy duty water-based fogger from fogmachines.com — we’ve been running this fogger for 4-5 years and it has been great, we have to run it on about a 25% duty cycle or we would flood the whole neighborhood with fog. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/04thumb.jpg! | Boarded up our windows this year on part of the house — not real boards, just insulating foamboard cut to shape and treated with a variety of paints and stains, then glued together. I hung the whole arrangement off of tension curtain rods, thus leaving no marks on the house at all. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/05thumb.jpg! | The courtyard right in front of our entry door. Where most of the action happens. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/06thumb.jpg! | Off in a corner of the yard I have a bunch of off-the-shelf lit props. Nothing too scary. But a great moaning groaning sound track playing which creates a fine effect. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/07thumb.jpg! | A variety of tombstones — in most cases lit by UV lights, the words and other elements are generally painted in UV reactive paint… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/08thumb.jpg! | …more stones. Most of the stones were created from foamboard, carved to shape. Then painted with a variety paints, particularly the craft paints which have sand/grit in them to create a stone finish… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/09thumb.jpg! | …more stones. Something has burst out from this particular tomb, and fog and light emanates from the tomb… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/10thumb.jpg! | …random skeleton amidst the stones… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/11thumb.jpg! | …more stones and our pet wolf… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/12thumb.jpg! | …more wolf… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/13thumb.jpg! | …more stones… |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/14thumb.jpg! | …more stones and cujo’s tomb. Really gnarly rabid dog soundtrack emanates from the tomb, and if people get close, we send out a blast of fog. All the major props are controlled using a PC, DMX controller software, DMX cabling distributed everywhere to foggers, dimmers, etc. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/15thumb.jpg! | Skeleton right at our front door. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/16thumb.jpg! | Our coffin. Inside is a DMX dimmer which controls a pneumatic valve and cylinder — the coffin lid erratically opens about every 30 seconds or so — very popular with the young kids. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/17thumb.jpg! | Our talking tree. The tree has a black abs pipe skeleton, with a chicken wire and burlap skin, painted to look like bark. Fog is fed thru the pipe skeleton and seeps out the end of the branches. Eyes and a mouth glow from the tree, and speakers are driven by a wireless mic and voice modifier box. I wander around outside, overhear tidbits from the kids like their name, and then talk to them. Great fun! Maybe the best effect in the yard.|
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/18thumb.jpg! | Some friends stopping by the night before. The night of Halloween we had maybe 400 visitors, we gave out about two grocery carts of candy and had to start rationing at about 8pm. First visitors at about 4pm — kids that were too young to come later or didn’t want to come at night. Last visitors about 920 and we shut down at 930. |
|!/images/Halloween2004/thumbs/19thumb.jpg! | Your humble host, the beast. |