PC Hardware happenings

* External audio solutions — the pc is electrically noisy and the amp circuits on sound cards are not that great — maybe we should be moving all this functionality out of the pc (or the electical/amp characteristics of a pc should be more like an audio amp)
* One man’s attempt at widescreen gaming. Salivate.
* Raid in a single drive bay. I guess this is the natural complement to a dual core processor — dual core hard drives!
* Jeff Ort on color management. Man this stuff is complicated.
* A PC PVR with 6 tuners.
* Saiteck PC Gamer keyboard. I totally need this.

So what is the theme to all this? Besides “stuff that I want to buy?” My observation is that the PC Hardware industry continues to innovate like mad, and is going to wipeout all the standalone media boxes, settop boxes, etc.