Painful Saturday night in Evanston. Buckeye defense looked confused and stuck in treacle — did the late start hurt? Tressel got outcoached, Northwestern picked their spots and hammered home on them. As Chuck on Buckeye Planet says: Northwestern, armed only with mostly MAC-level players who were passed over by the likes of OSU, Michigan, even Illinois, a slower and smaller Northwestern team stunned the highly-touted group from Ohio – Beat ’em fair and square in 4+ quarters in Evanston, Illinois. They did so in a fashion that makes me think if these two teams were to play 10 times, NU would win 5 or 6 of them.

With 27 points, the team had enough points to win the game. The offense wasn’t impressive — but was as productive as every other game over the last couple years. Special teams were generally good, with a TD on a punt return. But as the Dispatch ($ sub required) says: If losses are learning tools, as Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said Saturday night, the Buckeyes defense now owns an armload of hammers with which to beat themselves over the head.

Wisconsin this weekend — it doesn’t get any easier.