Joel Spolsky on platform adoption

From interview on Microsoft Watch:

I actually don’t know what goes on in large corporations any more. But there’s something strange about SharePoint. Whenever you have a technology that’s sold only to the enterprises ? SharePoint, InfoPath or whatever ? it’s always going to be at a competitive disadvantage, in terms of mind share than something that gets sold to the whole world.

For example, nobody’s ever going to use SharePoint in college. Ever. So no startup is ever going to use SharePoint because none of the kids who leave college are going to know it. This was BEA’s big problem. Kids in college, when they want to learn about Web development, they learn Perl, PHP, maybe Microsoft’s (ASP.Net) stack. They don’t learn about Domino or BEA. So the only way those guys have hope of getting mind share in the market is to have an extensive sales force. They’re always going to be sweeping back the waves against the force of the cheap, easy way of getting started in college.

Dead on.