Things you can only do on the Eastside

In response to the snarky attitude about the eastside in What the heck is he thinking ? Survival tips for Dave Winer while in Seattle, here are some things you can only enjoy on the eastside:

* Stay at the Bellevue Club, one of the nicest hotels in Seattle
* Play a round of golf at Sahalee (former site of the PGA), NewCastle (amazing views), Snoqualmie Ridge (a TPC course)
* Visit the headquarters of Microsoft, Costco, or Ignition πŸ™‚
* take a boat ride to gene coulon park and get some fish and chips.
* Drive up Somerset hill at sunset for one of the greatest views of Seattle and Bellevue
* Eat at Dixie’s
* Meet people who don’t have a snotty ?the eastside is so plebeian? attitude. πŸ™‚
* attend Salmon days festival in issaquah
* Take an argosy cruise out of kirkland and go see billg’s, steveb’s craig mccaw’s houses
* go hiking — rattlesnake ledge is great, but there are a thousand destinations in the cascades
* go to Fry’s
* go to Crossroads for a funkier mall experience — Firenze is a great italian restaurant there
* go visit the Salish Lodge for a meal or a night.

Hey I love downtown Seattle too but there are great experiences everywhere.