OSU 27, Cincinnati 6

Well the Bucks won by an un-Tressel like margin of 21 points. And the offensive numbers in aggregate look good — 462 total yards, 5.1 yards per rush. And some good individual plays by Holmes, Hamby, Childress, Ross and Pittman on offense. But really the offense looked tentative the entire game, and error-prone (4 fumbles, 2 INTs as I recall). Zwick was forcing the ball a lot, Ross with the exception of his one long run didn’t look materially better than last year. The team needs to grow a lot in the next couple weeks or the Big 10 season could be tough.

Defensively the team looked tentative the first quarter, no surprise given the number of players gone from last year. But then the guys put together three strong defensive possesions in a row in the 2nd quarter and seemed to find its legs. And was helped by a truly terrible Cincy punting game — the punter kept hitting line drives that skipped through the end zone, great for distance, but lousy for field position.

The best thing about the game — OSU was clearly in command despite all the tentative play and mistakes. With growth they could be a great team this year.

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