Kevin is the man!

Dude, you must not be married. From NCAA College Football – TV schedule for 09/18, here is Kevin’s TV plan for the weekend:

bq.. Well, with four Tivo’s running on 8 sat inputs, it looks like this:

Fri: UConn/BC
Sat: Nebraska/Pitt (T1)
Maryland/WVU (T2)
Duke/Va Tech (T3)
TCU/Texas Tech (T4)
Marshall/UGA (T5)
Ohio State/NC State (T1)
Oregon/OU (T6)
LSU/Auburn (T2)
Wisconsin/Zona (T7)
UCLA/Washington (T3)
Notre Dame/Michigan State (T4)
Clemson/Texas A&M (T5)
Florida Tennessee (T6)
Boise State/UTEP (T1)
Minnesota/Colorado State (T7)