I’ve been goaded again to look at I-884: The Education Initiative and to encourage others to look at it. Seems like a very worthy effort —

* Create 10,000 new high-quality preschool spaces for children who need them most
* Reduce class sizes and improve student achievement by fully funding Initiative 728;
* Raise the base pay for teachers and school employees, and community and technical college employees, to to what they would be receiving if the Legislature hadn’t suspended I-732 last year;
* Provide additional classes in high school and support parent involvement;
* Expand Promise scholarships for the top 30% of graduating high school seniors and financial aid to keep college affordable for working and middle class students;
* Fund 25,000 additional enrollment slots in college in community and technical colleges and four-year universities and 7,000 new enrollments in high demand fields;
* Invest in university-based research that generates new businesses and jobs.