Good business reads

Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog — he talks about a 32-way niagara system using only 56-60 watts. I am hungry for low power and low heat solutions, the current state of PC hardware is a little ridiculous.

Nice review of ExpertsExchange — an interesting little community and microeconomy — I should participate.

Ethan Zuckerman on systematic bias in Wikipedia, another interesting community/microeconomy. I’d be more likely to participate in either of these if I could crosspost content easily to my blog — I’d like to be building my blog at the same time as I build these other assets.

Integrating blogs into customer service — going in a different direction now, interesting thinking about how a company can harvest blog content for product reviews and problem reports.

From the J-Curve, I think steve is saying that Moore’s Law is for wussies.

Handicapping the Nobel Prize for Economics — fascinating reading, especially for an amateur economist like myself.