Airport Express

Tried to install the Airport Express last night, I’ve seen lots of bloggers talking about — Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Airport Express.

I basically think it doesn’t work with WinXP. The install wizard died on two different laptops, in both cases complaining that I needed to let Windows manage my wireless hardware, that 3rd party tools were interfering with my hardware. Well in both cases the machines were configed to allow Windows to manage the hardware so I don’t know what the “wizard”‘s problem was. One machine was a dell laptop, one was a jvc japan import. I was finally able to connect to the airport express just using the regular windows connection software, and at that point the airport express admin utility would run. But I could never get the wizard to run, and could never reliably muck with the airport config. I gave up. Another hunk of inert silicon and plastic in the corner of my office.