undergrad computing — 2004

Last year when we put a machine on the Pomona network, it was the wild wild west — no control over what machines were on the net, how configured, etc. It’s no surprise that by the end of the year, the machine we put on the net was loaded with spyware and other cruft.

This year, the Pomona College – Information Technology Services has a way stricter system in place. When an unregistered machine is placed on the net, all its browser traffic is redirected immediately to an internal site which forces the user to:

* install Xp sp2
* does a vulnerability scan
* forces review of use policies
* takes a system inventory
* slams on windows update
* forces an av install if no av is present (sophos)
* registers the nic and ties it to a student ID
* encourages spybot and ad-aware install

A marked step up in making the network secure for students. As well as allowing the school to track all student network use which may be a mixed blessing for everyone (actually what is mixed about it? it just seems bad.)