Behind on posting…interesting tidbits:

* We have slid to dangerous depths of presidential hatred in this country — hear hear — let’s leave mudslinging to where it belongs: college football discussions.
* Cuban on hard drives vs dvd. seems on target to me.
* LarryO on the consequences of hiding true network behaviour from applications. this, it seems to me, is why high-level network programming abstractions like rpc and dcom never really caught on, and why very simple protocols like http did catch on.
* Movalog — all things MT.
* Rich’s guide to debugging machine instability — the first link is really good, a set of tests for burn-in testing of a new machine.
* What is the coolest thing you learned this year? Crap I need to come up with an answer to this soon.
* Sony to put PS2 chips in TVs. And i bet MSFT wants to put chips in TVs, as well as a bunch of other companies. TV/tuner evolution is becoming interesting.
* MSFT SP2 distribution — why not just a torrent?
* The GMail filesystem. Cool.
* Emachine shop. Custom fabrication of your parts over the internet.