Vaca Property

Spent some time this weekend looking at vaca property — goal is something a) on the ocean, b) rustic area, c) within a couple hours driving of seattle so that we will really use it and we can transport the dogs there.

Toured the hood canal area and the near olympic peninsula a little this weekend. South hood canal is way too developed for our tastes. North hood canal started to feel a little better, tho we didn’t fall in love with anything.

I had previously ruled out the San Juans because of the car ferry lineup — I love a ferry ride, but I don’t love sitting in the car queue on busy weekends. But I’ve started to rethink based on a new plan — drive to Anacortes, leave the car there, and take a water taxi out to a location — for instance Island Express Charters or Paraclete charters seem to offer taxi service, there are more in the yellow pages.

I know it is fairly routine up at my folks’ cabin in Pointe Au Baril for cabin owners to take a water taxi out 10-15 miles to their cabins, so I am sure there must be a similar level of service to the San Juans.

If so, this might open up a lot more choices to us. For instance the Windermere office on Lopez has a lot of interesting properties