Euro Vaca Reading II

OK these are the books I hit in the second half of the vacation. Some very memorable reads in here.

* “The Good Soldier”:amazon. What a f#cked up set of people. Very interesting view into historical class dynamics. And you have to addmire the writing craft — faulkner but lighter. But I can’t say I really loved it, tho the first line is a great draw.
* “362 Belisle Street”:amazon. Really crappy beach ghost story. Dumb, No theme. Go read stephen king instead.
* “The Dante Club”:amazon. Good historical mystery. The Nicholas Rey character was quite compelling — first black policeman in boston, immediately after civil war, a political appointee, dealing with racism while solving the crime. I’d like to read more about him.
* “My Friend Maigret”:amazon. Good atmospheric mystery, a midpoint book in a long series involving this detective. I’d read more in the series.
* “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”:amazon. Completely unexpected story, I understand why this has gotten such good reviews. I didn’t expect to like this, I thought it was just a trendy choice, but really a great story.
* “The Great Gatsby”:amazon. Another set of completely f#cked up people, for most of the book I thought it much weaker than the good soldier. But the last chapter, reflecting on the events of the book, was very insightful and memorable.
* “The Handmaid’s Tale”:amazon. Wow, just creepy. Saw the movie years ago and was creeped by it, the book is much more impactful.