Vaca Reading

As always, lots of reading on vacation.

* Brazzaville Beach. Great great characters, a great story. Good reco from my buddy Tim Velegol. This will stay on my bookshelf.
* Gideon. A good page turner, a good way to burn plane/train time. But two weeks later I can’t remember much about it.
* Moon of Ice. Stupid. This is just a political essay, emitted as conversation by crappy characters in a stupid plot. Like the worst of Heinlein’s writing. Not sure why it has a decent rep.
* The Dark Frigate. A great yarn. Won the Newbury Award back when it meant something — nowadays it seems like they give out awards every year, typically to a book published recently, whether there is a deserving book or not. Seems like they ought to wait 20 years or so before they award a book. Anyway tho, this is a good yarn.
* Conquistador. A decent alternate history yarn with some fun, but way too much blathering about how different the ecology of North America might have been if Europeans hadn’t invaded in the 1500/1600s, and not enough insight into the implications.
* Manifold: Space. I’ve seen this before. Average guy stumbles onto discovery that involves the very nature of the world/galaxy/universe, and gets drawn into saving the universe from destruction. Nothing distinctive about character or plot. Yawn.
* Chindi. Kind of like Rendezvous with Rama — characters stumble onto massive functioning alien artifacts with incomprehensible purposes. A little more action than Rama. OK.
* In a Dry Season. Good mystery. Something like 10th in a series from this author. Interesting main character, good plotting. I’d like to read more in the series but this one was fine standing alone.