Music Manipulation Weekend

Besides watching movies this weekend I also did a lot of mindless music bit twiddling.

* Installed two new ipods. Downloaded the latest itunes and ipod drivers. Point itunes at my server with all my mp3s and had it crank away and import them all. While my laptop was doing this…
* …I Installed ExactAudioCopy, which requires Lame and AccurateRip, and you might as well install dbpoweramp. Ripped all the latest CDs i have purchased. While my desktop was doing this…
* Bittorrent churning on another machine, downloading various (completely legal) torrents, which come in RAR files and Ogg Vorbis encoding. Downloaded a RAR unpacker, and the Ogg Vorbis Codecs. And now I really needed dbpoweramp to convert the Ogg Vorbis content to MP3.
* Then back to the laptop to jam it all onto the ipods.
What a production. Man this has to get easier.