Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore

We visited the gardens and estate on Isola Bella today. Stunning! I was not very impressed with the Lakes District at the start of the day but I was so won over. The estate and gardens here were stunning, more memorable for us than Versailles — because they are on a more huiman scale, and show the care of the designers and staff better. Every room in the estate seemed to make sense — we could see living in this structure. Whereas in Versailles it felt like the architect/builders used up all their energy just making it big, and they had nothing left for the interior, so they just filled up the building with innumerable square rooms. Anyway this isn’t about Versailles, this is about Isola Bella — worth a visit! And we like Lake Maggiore much better than Lake Como — the water is cleaner, the taxi boats are nicer, Stresa is a nice hopping off point.