WinHEC wasn't the only thing happening this past week

* Knoppix v3.4 out. Downloading now via bittorrent. Good article here on using Knoppix in disaster scenarios.
* Java Desktop System V2 out. Somewhat intriguing but I am not willing to shell out $50/year to try it. Sun really needs a cheaper license for personal/educational/developer use. Otherwise everyone is going to be using Knoppix and its kin, or Longhorn.
* OK this was at WinHEC — PCI express over external cabling. Love the idea of modular PCs.
* ATI responds to Nvidia announces with the X800. With lower power consumption and single slot design, seems like ATI will crush Nvidia in the marketplace.
* Silent PCs at Hush and OMWave. Interesting, both Euro companies, is the silent pc design point gaining ground faster in Europe?
* Ewrt — alternative firmware for the Linksys WRT54G — seems like lots of hacking going on around this hardware.