WinHec coverage on the web

Lots of stuff to read here…just some for the things I noticed:

* All the slide decks. Update: those are apparently the ’03 decks. The ’04 papers are here. Thanks to Sam.
* Jon Udell on web services and discovery — some people are upset because this is not Rendezvous
* A review of the latest Longhorn build — “Castles” — do we really need another organizing metaphor for networks? More details on the UI bits here.
* Server futures — the VM stuff is interesting
* Lots of media center push — “…the PC is running out of time.” — not sure I buy that.
* Tiers of UI experience — shades of Win286, Win386, etc. Interesting that the tiering is being driven by the graphics processors and not the CPUs. Will this tiering be transparent to ISVs — will XAML work across all these experiences?
* Whirlwind virtual tour of WinHEC.
* NGSCB is out. No it’s not.
* Summary of Allchin’s talk — have you ported your driver to 64 bits yet?
* Hidef audio driver released — this seems important but I have to admit I am confused about exactly what it is.