Fun with Rdesktop

I’ve been playing around with the remote desktop feature in XP.  I have to say, within the house, between XP machines, it works pretty well.  Good perf, very little latency, pretty good rendering.

I also tried using the Rdesktop tool in Knoppix against my XP machine.  It did work with a little more trouble (you can’t just enter a “netbios” name, you have to address the remote machine using it’s IP address).  It has some rendering problems — odd color matching, fonts don’t look as nice, etc.  But it works. 

For extra credit I fired up my vpn client and connected to work, and then opened up an XP-to-XP remote desktop session.  Then from another machine running Knoppix in the house, I rdesktop’d to the XP machine in the house.  And yes you can daisychain these sessions.  Rendering became really funky at this point however. 

I’ve read several places online that people recommend VNC in place of rdesktop.  If I get in the practice of doing remote control frequently from a linux box i will have to try this out.