Sun Antitrust Suit

Sun Settles With Microsoft, Cuts Jobs — well I am glad that this is behind everyone but a little miffed that I had to spend 3 days this week giving a deposition in the case just prior to settlement. I guess it was my riveting testimony that drove the parties to settle. I was subpoena’d by Sun to testify and was asked a bunch of questions about my job back in ’95 thru ’97. Mostly questions about java vms, class libs, etc. Who can remember all this crap? By my rough calculation, I spent well under 1% of time at Microsoft worrying about java, and since leaving Microsoft in ’99 I’ve started a company, invested in close to 30 other companies, seen hundred of business plans, learned a bunch of new technologies, had a very busy personal life, etc. I can’t remember what JNI is let alone why I might have ever cared about it.