Business is Booming

Sitting in the weekly partner meeting at Ignition, I couldn’t help but feel that business is booming. I heard updates on a lot of our portfolio companies — Melodeo — Tune The Planet, Clearsight Systems — Get The Right Answer (hey they even have a blog like thing), Intelligent Results, Interact Networks — Proactive Network Scannings & Vulnerability Detection, Cloudmark — Your Spam Authority, Teranode — Design Tools for the Life Sciences — they all sound like they are making great progress. Great product work in the pipeline, and good revenue progress across the board. It was a pretty uplifting meeting.

And we discussed a bunch of prospective deals, it is an active market with a lot of great entrepreneurs and young companies. It felt good to be involved with the group of people here at Ignition and with the people at our companies.

Funniest comment of the day — when asked about the merits of a prospective investment partner, someone said ?They have good hygiene and they do no harm.? 🙂 Hey I hope I can live up to this standard as an investor, you could do a lot worse.