Best of my aggregator this week

Most interesting articles I read this week from all domains:

* Slashdot | Zero Install: The Future of Linux on the Desktop? — this is the way apps should work.
* Aural System Notifications — an interesting idea, my audio channel is generally underused when I am working at my PC.
* The PVR Guides — guides to building your own MythTV/etc boxes.
* The US in 1904 — washing your hair once a month? with egg yolks?
* custom columns with Newsgator.
* HP’s scanner “driver” — 170M. Their printer drivers are also bloated. Who do these vendors think they are helping?
* Intelligent beings made out of meat — I’ve seen this article before, it always cracks me up — “They talk by flapping their meat at each other”.
* One in a million is next tuesday — great observation from LarryO.
* SeatGuru — worth checking before booking my next flight.
* Basecamp — simple web project management. Spoke with the founder this week, very focused and impressive guy, I hope this product succeeds.
* LLC formation rates bode well for the economywe hope.